Mission Statement

The mission of Luck Mutual Insurance Company is to continue to focus on policyholders as owners of their company.  The company will strive to offer fair and equitable rates, underwriting guidelines and claim handling for the welfare of not only the few, but the entire membership.


Luck Mutual Insurance Company is an insurance company organized on August 27, 1881 to meet the needs of people in Northwest Wisconsin.  On January 1, 1963, Apple River Scandinavian Mutual Fire Insurance Company merged into Luck Mutual Insurance Company.  On September 1, 1997 Alden & Black Brook Mutual Insurance Company of Amery, Wisconsin merged into Luck Mutual Insurance Company.

Luck Mutual Insurance Company is governed by a board of directors consisting of nine members.  The Board of Directors is responsible to the direction of the policyholders and exists primarily for the purpose of providing property and liability insurance to its policyholders.

Luck Mutual Insurance Company
400 Main Street South
Luck WI 54853
Phone: 715-472-2861
Email: luckmu@lakeland.ws

Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - Noon

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